Demonstration of our color grading app, ColorTime.
Sample footage captured with the Arri Alexa LF Camera.

The Color Science Lab research and develop new tools for image makers.

Fun, easy to use, yet powerful and creative. We believe there are intriguing new ways we can manipulate our images.

The app’s appeal lies not just in what it does, but in the way that it does it.
Like no other app I’ve used, ColorTime allows you to isolate portions of your image for color adjustments and offers the ability to mix colors and effects as if they were digital paints. As nuanced or as crazy as you want to get with your color tweaks, ColorTime delivers.
— Tim Moynihan,

The Gesture

The most natural way to manipulate color in your photos.

Just touch the screen and drag.

ColorTime’s unique gesture interface allows you to effortlessly change color or brightness of the shadows, mid-tones or highlights in your photos and videos.

Just drag up to make brighter, down to make darker, or select a warm color to the right, or a cool color to the left. It’s the simplest and easiest color picker you’ve ever used.


VertexGrade Technology

A powerful and non-destructive way to selectively change parts of your photo or video.

VertexGrade technology allows you to long-tap and drag to select part of your photo or video. You can then change just the area selected.

Make as many selections and as many changes as you like, it won't slow ColorTime down.

As you edit all changes are non-destructive, you don't loose information.